Peace of mind for your trips, for leisure or business. So that you only bring good memories of their leisure travel, study or work, we have created a travel insurance that will ensure peace of mind, anywhere in the world. The MAPFRE travel insurance has more than 100 000 service providers around the world, offering a fast service and Portuguese in countries most visited by Brazilians. Choose the plan that best matches your type of trip and enjoy: MAPFRE is prepared to resolve any emergency or event for you.

COVERS THE MAPFRE TRAVEL INSURANCE BASIC ¿Accidental Death: Capital insured payment to the beneficiary arising from the insured's death during the insured trip. ¿Permanent Total or Partial Disability due to Accident: Pay up to 100% of the insured amount of death cover, determined according to the degree of disability found. ¿Permanent Total Disability due to Accident: payment of 100% of the insured amount of death cover, due to permanent disability.

ADDITIONAL ¿EXPENSES Medical ¿Hospital and Dental Accident (DMH): guarantees repayment to the capital of the insured limit contracted spending on medical, hospital and dental made by the insured for their treatment by medical personnel as a result of a covered accident occurring during the period of stay contracted. If used the accredited network, the refund will be made by the insurer directly to the provider of the tour company. ¿Luggage Insurance: compensation in case of loss, theft, robbery or destruction of baggage, provided under the company's responsibility, proven by presentation of the report

loss of evidential. ¿Trip Cancellation: reimbursement of the cost of the passage to the insured or their beneficiaries until the insured capital limit. ¿Associated deaths: acquisition of deposit. MAPFRE INSURANCE TRAVEL ASSISTANCE ¿Hospital Extension: additional hospital stay after expiry of the effectiveness of the plan.

Pharmacy reimbursement: reimbursement of expenditure for medicines prescribed by a doctor. ¿Dental care: dental care in emergency cases. ¿Doctor Transfer: transport to the most suitable hospital in case of an accident or acute disease user. ¿Repatriation: user transport, if not in a position to return to their homes as a regular passenger. ¿Dental care by Event (only international). ¿Legal assistance. ¿Journey back guarantee: fine payments, fare difference or paying a new airline ticket if you need to delay or advance their planned return due to illness or accident or death of an immediate family member. ¿Per claim Back at home: payment of transport costs regular online user to its home in the event of theft, fire or explosion of habitual residence, that makes it uninhabitable. ¿Convalescence in hotel: pay room and board expenses for user extension of stay in hotel after hospital discharge had and medical advice to rest, with the sole and exclusive purpose of acquiring position to make return trip.

Family support: payment of travel expenses and lodging expenses for a person designated by the user to accompany you if you need to stay in hospital for longer than 10 days. ¿Monitoring of minors or the elderly: child monitoring / senior who is under the user's responsibility if it is prevented from shipping them by accident reasons or disease. ¿Funeral Repatriation: Body transport user death case during the trip. ¿Legal assistance: Payment of expenses generated by civil or criminal defense of the user who is being accused solely in the event of a traffic accident.

Bail advance: the amount of payment in case of bail deposit requirement, since a user representative handed a deposit check and acknowledge the debt. ¿Location and forwarding of baggage: search providence to a maximum period of 45 days and sending the luggage if located, to the user. ¿Compensation for delayed baggage location: compensation values if the lost luggage take more than 12 hours to be delivered to the user. ¿For delay or flight cancellation expenses: reimbursement of expenditure on accommodation, meals and communication if the user flight delay for more than 6 hours and where there is no no alternative transportation. ¿Advance of funds abroad: the amount of payment in case of loss, document theft, credit card and money, if properly verified and that a user representative delivered a deposit check and acknowledge the debt. ¿Transmission of urgent messages: transmission of urgent messages related to care for one or more persons nominated by the user in their home country. ¿Prior information travel: providing information to the traveling user. ¿Assistance in case of loss and / or theft of document / credit card: the user orientation

to solve problems in case of theft and any essential document for onward journey. Obs .: the question of "DMHO" (insurance) and Medical Assistance by Accident or Illness (travel assistance), which are in red can confuse the understanding, they are similar.

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