Protection for bike safety for the rider. The bikes are an increasingly adopted vehicle in the hectic life and the crowded streets of big cities. They also are part of the lifestyle of people who like to live their freedom. Thinking of you and all lovers of life on two wheels, we created the Two Wheels Special, with ample coverage, which bring security and tranquility for the biker and many care for the bike. Covered vehicles Models from 500 cc and maximum amount of R $ 150,000.00

Basic coverage Collision, fire, theft and burglary Collision and fire Property damage, bodily injury to third parties Moral / aesthetic damage Bodily injury to vehicle occupants (death, permanent disability and medical and hospital expenses) free coverage
Replacement Guarantee for the amount of new vehicles to zero-kilometer (90 days, arson, robbery and theft and 180 days, collision) free assistance Assistance 24 hours - So much for your bike and for the passenger. Free trailer for up to 250 km in case of mechanical or electrical failure. Assistance AutoMais House (for individuals) - assistance for emergency repairs (services hydraulic, electrical, unblocking, keychain and stop-gap) at its usual residence, and hand the cost of the work is on us. additional coverage
Damage to the headlights, taillights and motorcycle mirrors. AutoMais House (Protection, Protection Plus, Top Protection Plus) * In addition to the services offered in Casa AutoMais assistance by hiring this coverage you magnify the manpower services to the white line services, Glazier and replacement of tiles. Replacement warranty extension for the new value to zero vehicle kilometers (180 days - fire, burglary, theft) Replacement warranty extension for the new value to zero vehicle kilometers (12 months - collision) Trailer length (1000 km) Coverage guarantee: in case of full indemnity, guarantee coverage for new vehicle purchased in the same policy until the end of the term of the insurance. Protective clothing replacement (helmet, overalls and jacket). Franchise insurance: in case of partial loss, the first franchise is fully paid by the insurer.
For the habitual residence of the insured individual BENEFITS AND ADVANTAGES Quality Seal - The indemnity commitment MAPFRE: payment of the full indemnity guarantee, the legal owner of the vehicle, within 05 days after delivery of all required documentation, free and clear of any lien, lease, debt or financial pending and / or legal or refund of the amount of premiums paid, net of taxes. Coverage for damage caused exclusively to painting - coverage for risks to vehicle paint from the repair exceeds the deductible hull mentioned in the policy.
Geographic scope: The coverage contracted for the vehicle covers national territory and Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. SERVICES Emergency assistance for pregnant women: To urgency, whether at home or while driving, this service is available to insured, main conductive or wife of the insured. Driver Other: Beneficial for the insured or main driver, who is not physically or psychologically able to drive the vehicle may sue the driver Other assistance, ensuring towing of your vehicle and a transport of charge. Consult your general condition for more information. Help Desk Service: For hiring of AutoMais Home Protection Plus or Automais Top Home Protection Plus.

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