Hiring and benefits according to your preferences. Each person has a lifestyle and values. So life insurance can not be the same for everyone. With that in mind, we created the MAPFRE Life You Multiflex, flexible insurance, which offers various forms of recruitment and multiple benefits for you match according to your preferences, meeting their needs and feeling always supported, in different life situations. Count on different toppings of life, personal injury, serious illness and ensure security, peace of mind for you and your family.

COVERAGE INSURANCE MAPFRE LIFE YOU MULTIFLEX: BASIC Death: It is the guarantee of indemnity payment to the beneficiary of 100% safe (one hundred percent) of the capital insured contracted for this coverage by natural or accidental death of the insured, subject to contractual conditions, provided that this is not expressly excluded risk Indemnity anticipation: anticipation of up to 100% of the insured amount contracted for death cover in the event of terminal illness or accidental *; * Anticipation of indenizaçõ is not provided for in the case of hiring Permanent Disability Total Functional Disease (IFPD) or Serious Illness Insurance. Accidental Death: It guarantees the payment of principal insured to specified beneficiaries, in case of death caused by covered personal injury IPA - Permanent Total or Partial Disability due to Accident: Pay up to 100% of the insured amount of death cover, determined according to the degree of disability established, and in case of disability due to accident ADDITIONAL IFPD - Indemnity Permanent Total Functional Disease: payment of 100% of the insured amount of death cover in the event of loss of independent existence, held in disease function. IPA plus - Permanent Total or Partial Disability due to Accident: additional payment calculated for the IPA, for cases of total loss of the following members: total loss of one of indiciadores fingers, thumbs, eyes or hands.
DMHO - Medical Expenses, Hospital and Dental: reimbursement of medical, hospital and dental expenses, made for the treatment required for recovery of the insured in accident function, corresponding to 30% of the insured amount of Accidental Death or Permanent Disability Total or Partial for accident, limited to R $ 15,000.00. Associated deaths: It ensures the provision of the service or the reimbursement of expenses covered proven with the burial or cremation up to the limit of the capital insured contractor. Acquisition Reservoir: guarantees twice the amount contracted for associated deaths, limited to R $ 10,000.00. Optional inclusion of Spouse: available for hiring of Death covers, Accidental Death and Permanent Total or Partial Disability due to Accident, provided they have been hired by the principal insured and up to 100% of the coverage contracted by it.
BENEFITS AND MAPFRE LIFE INSURANCE BENEFITS YOU MULTIFLEX: Minimum premium: Minimum Prize: R $ 20,00 regardless of frequency Comprehensive support service, such as people, vehicle and home Monthly draw of $ 20,000 for the insured, which will be deducted from income tax Off medicines

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