Differentiated, who combines professional success and quality of life. The MAPFRE Life You Special is a unique product for people who work for professional success, without giving up caring for the quality of life. Ie special people like you who retains a substantial career in your area of expertise and also cultivate healthy habits, from food to sports. If you are between 18 and 65 years, is in full swing of work, in good health and know how to make the most special life, this is the ideal life insurance. After all, you deserve the option of hiring a higher capital value for the same cost of a common life insurance.

LIFE INSURANCE COVERAGE MAPFRE YOU SPECIAL BASIC Death: It is the guarantee of payment of compensation to (s) recipient (s) 100% safe (one hundred percent) of the capital insured contracted for this coverage, in the event of natural or accidental death of the insured, subject to the contractual conditions, since this is not expressly excluded risk. ADDITIONAL accidental death IPA - Permanent Total or Partial Disability due to Accident: Pay up to 100% insured amount of death cover, determined according to the degree of disability established, and in case of disability due to accident. Associated deaths: Can be hired in Single standards - to the insured or Family - Main insured, spouse and dependent children as IR regulation: ensures the provision of the service or the reimbursement of expenses for burial or cremation (where there is this service in the city usual the insured housing), to the capital of the insured limit contracted for this coverage, in the event of the insured's death. BENEFITS AND LIFE INSURANCE BENEFITS MAPFRE YOU SPECIAL Insured capital: The client can hire capital of R $ 1,000,000 to R $ 10 million Capital to over $ 3 million, we have the Telessubscrição service, a methodology that consists in a telephone interview made by specialized medical professionals. Hiring two modes: Income Replacement and Key Man INDEMNIFICATION OF PAYMENT: The claim is regulated in Brazil in a fast and confidential.

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