Be aware and be protected against damage caused to third parties. Driving is an act of responsibility. We understand and share the concern of our policyholders want to be always protected and quiet, in case of any eventuality. Thus, the MAPFRE AutoMais Officer was created for you, insured conscious, you want to be covered against damage that can cause to others. Moreover, this is an easy insurance contract and to pay: does not require prior inspection for vehicles with up to 20 years of manufacturing and can be parceled up to 4 times without interest.

Penthouses Liability - property damage - R $ 50,000 Liability - bodily harm - R $ 50,000 Liability - moral / aesthetic damage - R $ 5000 Assistance 24-hour assistance - for your vehicle and occupants. Free trailer for up to 100 km in case of mechanical or electrical failure. BENEFITS AND ADVANTAGES Immediate hiring without prior inspection for vehicles with up to 20 years

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