Protect your family and tranquility to you With the sophistication of the insurance market and thinking about the well-being and tranquility of its customers, MAPFRE Security and Redeemable Life created an innovative and flexible life insurance. Life insurance redeemable Vivir Bien | Esencial is a product that meets the changing needs of our customers and at the same time providing protection for their families.

Redeemable LIFE INSURANCE Bien VIVIR MAPFRE | ESSENTIAL CHARACTERISTICS It is the first competitive Redeemable Life Insurance with world-class products. Its great advantage is the possibility of redemption in life, when you want. While the insurance redeemable life is in effect, your money will be invested in an investment fund managed by MAPFRE Investment, and financial surplus will be passed on to you according to the performance of the fund. Learn more!

Basic coverage Death and survival. Optional cover total permanent disability or partially by accident. Anticipation additional coverage of 50% of the capital insured paid in life, in the case of terminal illness (no charge), limited to R $ 500,000.00. Capital insured up to R $ 25,000,000.00. Age limit for hiring 70 years. Insurance validity period to 59 years of age in hiring: maximum effect until 100 years. More than 59 years of age in hiring: maximum term to 80 years. Payment Debit current account. Update index of awards and IPCA / IBGE covers, every 12 months. Grace period for redemption 24 months. Guaranteed minimum return reserves (Death and Survival) IPCA / IBGE + 3% interest per year (National Index of Consumer Price).

Guaranteed minimum return reserves (Death and Survival) IPCA / IBGE + 3% interest per year (National Index of Consumer Price). Financial surplus is the difference between the net profit of MAPFRE Hedge Fund Fixed Income FI and the guaranteed minimum return reserves. From the 2nd year of the policy, 50% of the financial surplus is transferred to accumulated reserves. This percentage increases progressively, reaching 100% after the 10th year of the policy. Customized insurance Calculated according to the profile and current health condition, occupation and sports and leisure activities. After not contesting from 24 months of hire, there will be no capital payment dispute insured for alleged preexisting illness or injury. HOW TO HIRE INSURANCE MAPFRE VIDA Redeemable

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