Meets the specific needs of different cargo transportation segments in Brazil and abroad. The MAPFRE Transport insurance were designed to meet the specific needs of different segments of transport: road, rail, air, sea and inland waterway, lake and coastal shipping in Brazil and abroad. Therefore, in addition to basic coverage that each cargo insurance offers with specific clauses covering the different products transported, your company can count on additional coverages that protect your customer and the operation of your business. What's more, even considering funds as cost of goods, international shipping, miscellaneous expenses, expected profits and taxes.

TRANSPORT INSURANCE TERMS AND LIABILITY OF CARRIER Liability Insurance Carrier Road - safe load (RCTR-C) Liability Insurance Carrier Rail - Cargo insurance (RCTF-C) Liability Insurance Carrier Air - Safe Load (RCTA-C) Liability Insurance Carrier Road - Travel International (RCTR-VI) Liability Insurance Owner - Load (RCA-C) Optional insurance Liability - Cargo Disappearance (RCF-DC) SPECIFIC CLAUSES OF CARGO TRANSPORT INSURANCE CONTRACT Maximum indemnity Payment of Award / Annotation on policies Adjustable Simplified registration Art Objects Transport Live Animal Transport Furniture and fixtures Change of Transportation (Residential and Office) and others Additional coverages (Facultative) Theft and / or Loss for the transportation of cargo Special risks Cargo operations / Discharge / Lifting / Descent Transport Special loads and / or Exceptional Wide service network in Brazil and abroad Monitoring of loading and unloading in the main ports and airports in the world Support for implementation and evaluation of loss control and risk management projects Service 24 hours on the road FOLLOW Mapfre (Integrated Management and annotations) - Operational simplification Software (Annotation Electronics) Integration with Siscomex software for capturing information.

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