Complete coverage for your car and Commitment MAPFRE with you. Your car is an asset that you won and he deserves attention and protection. We at MAPFRE, we take care of it as if it were our own. This means that insurance AutoMais MAPFRE has everything you ever wanted - and more! They are complete coverage for your car, and a partner network of services to make you even more quiet. And do not worry: in the event of a claim, our support and service are responsive and you can count on the commitment MAPFRE, which guarantees the payment of compensation within 5 working days in cases of full indemnity or your money back *.

Basic coverage Collision, fire, theft / larceny Collision and fire RCF-V - Property damage, bodily harm to third parties. RCF-V moral / aesthetic damage. Bodily injury to vehicle occupants (death, permanent disability and medical and hospital expenses). coverage Free Spare bond for the value back to zero kilometer vehicles (90 days, arson, robbery and theft and 180 days, collision) - to cover Market Value Referenced

free assistance 24-hour assistance - For the vehicle and occupants. AutoMais assistance House (for individuals) - assistance for emergency repairs. Manpower to perform hydraulic, electrical services, unblocking, key in the habitual residence of the Insured. additional coverage Pertaining to sound accessories and image AutoMais House - Protection, Protection Plus or Top Plus Protection. In the same car policy can hire cover for the habitual residence of the Insured individuals. Hiring such cover the services offered in AutoMais assistance House, They are magnified, comprising also: labor for the white line services, Glazier and replacement of tiles. shield Spare car (several daily options) Associated deaths (funeral assistance) Replacement warranty extension for the value back to zero vehicle kilometers - 180 days - fire, burglary / theft Replacement warranty extension for the value back to zero vehicle kilometers - 12 months - collision Trailer extension (300 km, 600 km or unlimited) Coverage guarantee: in case of full indemnity, guarantee coverage for new vehicle purchased in the same policy until the end of the term of the insurance.

Compensation for immobilization of the insured vehicle Insurance deductible: in case of partial loss, the first franchise is fully paid by the insurer. Reimbursement of extra expenses (no need for evidence of expenditure) for vehicles with up to 5 years and modality Market Value Referenced Damage to glasses - basic: Ensures the repair or replacement of glasses (side, windshield and / or rear window) of the vehicle. Damage to glasses - Top Plus: Ensures the repair or replacement of glasses (side, windshield and rear window, exterior mirrors, front turn signal, headlights and taillights) of the vehicle. BENEFITS AND ADVANTAGES

Quality Seal - The indemnity commitment MAPFRE: payment of the full indemnity guarantee, the legal owner of the vehicle, within 05 days after delivery of all required documentation, free and clear of any lien, lease, debt or financial pending and / or legal or refund of the amount of premiums paid, net of taxes. Discount up to 40% in the value of the franchise according to the bonus class. Coverage for damage caused exclusively to painting - coverage for risks to vehicle paint from the repair exceeds the deductible hull mentioned in the policy. Geographic scope: The coverage contracted for the vehicle covers national territory and Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

services Emergency assistance for pregnant women: To urgency, whether at home or while driving, this service is available to insured, main conductive or wife of the insured. Driver Other: Beneficial for the insured or main driver, who is not physically or psychologically able to drive the vehicle may sue the driver Other assistance, ensuring towing of your vehicle and a transport of charge. Consult your general condition for more information. Help Desk Service: For hiring of AutoMais Home Protection Plus or Automais Top Home Protection Plus.

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